Saturday, May 26, 2007

Say It Ain't So, Comandante!!

OMG!!! This Milka Duno gets to be El Comandante's Special Grrrl!, because she races cars for CITGO? Just WHAT is her carbon footprint, anyway? How can El ComaCutie endorse her? SOOO Not Fair!! What chance do I have?? Implants are counterRevolutionary, right? Or--are implants Bolivarian? Because then, maybe the Comandante will like me as much as MilkaShake!!

I know a lot of the horrible antiBolivarians, like the scum marching in the streets going going and on about how they don't want RCTV shut down --like it's their choice!!~~ say that the fact that El Comandante has freakishly small, doll-like hands and fingers

means that probably the, uh, Little Comandante is, well, like, Napoleonic, right?? And that that's why he's so angry and belligerent, because he's overcompensating for his teenie weenie?? But, Comandante, I don't care!! Why waste your time flirting with an environmental nightmare like Milk Cow, when you could have me?? I don't care if little Hugo is itsy-bitsy!! Oh, this is a nightmare--after all the weeks I've been crushing on you, you step out with an antifeminist
B-word (Barbie) who's just T&A for car racing?? You're just as bad as those redneck (not the good kind) trailer trash NASCAR hogs. Oh, I can't believe it!! It's bad enough that Che rode a motorcycle!!

Can you at least make sure that Milky Do-Nothing converts her machine so that it runs of french-fry grease?? Oh, Laurie David, I'm shattered!! CMEO!!

I need cyber-circle solidarity. And a pint of cookie-dough Soy cream...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Our First Project!!

As you know, the Comandante is freeing Venezuelan airwaves this weekend, and repurposing the Station Formerly Know As Canal 2.

Sadly, a lot of counterrevolutionaries and their fellow travelers in the US are telling the most horrible lies about this, and trying to trash us Bolivarians.

So, members of the circle, you need to go online and get your Senators phone number, and call them and tell them you really really want them to vote YES!! ( SI!!) on Senate Resolution 211. This is what the folks at the Venezuelan Embassy want us to do:

  • CALL the Senate switchboard at (202)-225-3121.

  • ASK the operator to transfer you to one of your senators (each state has 2 Senators, duh!).

  • WHEN you're transferred to your senator's office, ask to speak to the legislative aide who works on Venezuela. Tell them you are an American Bolivarian, and that you're doing what the American employees of the Venezuelan Embassy want. ASK for a date with them while they are home between May 28 - June 1 and TELL them you want them to vote FOR Senate Resolution 211. Or is it against? No, no, tell them to FOR for it. Just tell them that you're not sure, but that they should vote NO. or YES. Or MAYBE.Send a message to the counter-Bolivarians, and make sure and tell them that Venezuela's tax dollars are at work. Be sure and tell them a Venezuelan cyber circle told you who to call and what to say!


Thursday, May 24, 2007


You guys, new honorary members!

As you know, Venezuela will be liberated of the sexist, classist, for profit RCTV exploiters on the 27th, after they've spent 50 years indoctrinating the people. It took the Shining Path of Bolivarianist Socialism to drive a stake through their heart!

Anyway, counterrevolutionaries are sure to seize this moment to spread horrible lies about Comandante Chavez, so we have to be ready. The Venezuelan Embassy in D.C., acting through its Bolivarian Socialist public relations arm, the Venezuela Information Office, VIO, is prepared
to challenge all the liars who will try to misrepresent the glorious liberation of bandwidth as a crackdown of free speech -as if!!

Support our newest padrinos as they spread Bolivarianism against White European Patriarchal Counterrevolutionaries.!! Your Cyber Bolivarian Circle needs your activism!

  1. Dan Hellinger, Professor Of Political Science, Webster University

  2. Charles Hardy, author and former Catholic priest ( I know, gross!)

  3. Steve Elner, Professor of Economic History, Universidad De Oriente
    (be nice you guys- they can't all be studs like El Comandante11)

  4. Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director, Cente For Economic & Policy CEPR

    Yeah, I know, they're all pasty white American men, but we do have

  5. Megan Morrisey (Yay!Smiths shout out!)Media Analyst Venezuela Information Office
    (202)347-8081 ext. 602
    And she's a Georgetown girl who learned her Bolivarianism! Check it out, she spent A WHOLE WEEK in the Promised Land! AWESOME! She addresses the shocking indoctrination of the lackeys who colluded in the American exploitation in Venezuela, and their fear now that the Comandante has finally empowered the poor: "In Ciudad Guayana, I spent about one week examining the records of the Venezuelan development agency...My fieldwork in Ciudad Guayana consisted of about 50 interviews with people I met while in the city - at the development agency and cultural organizations, and through a generous couple with ties to the local aluminum industry who hosted me at their home. In my effort to understand the origins of inequality in Ciudad Guayana, I also spoke with residents of the city who were presently employed in the local industries, and others who had been employed by U.S. Steel when it began exporting minerals from the area in the early 1950s. These interviews, with elderly and mostly foreign-born individuals, were some of the most fruitful. They recalled vividly the American encampments that preceded nearly all other development in what is not a city of about one million people. The ex-employees of U.S. Steel idealized the era of the American enclaves, emphasizing the fact that these were the nicest parts of the then small city of Puerto Ordaz. The company was the benevolent steward of its 3 camps, and residents had only to look across to the ramshackle "ranchos" of El Castillito to perceive their privilege. The homes in the camps were sold off when the steel industry was nationalized in the mid-1970s, but are still well preserved today. As it did in the 1950s, Camp C still houses the economic elite of Ciudad Guayana. The middle-aged residents I interviewed emphasized that Ciudad Guayana has been transformed from a rural backwater into an important, even cosmopolitan city. The fact that Ciudad Guayana was planned is a point of local pride, and most people speak favorably about the results, though they feel that more work is needed. Informal settlements are still emerging. These low income communities are associated with a rise in crime. At this point in my research, it is not clear whether the increased crime is real or perceived, though most people I spoke to had had some experience of crime. In large part because of patterns in foreign economic and demographic influences, inequalities have always been apparent in Ciudad Guayana. Though they are likely more exaggerated than before I found that the increasing visibility and political empowerment of the poor have begun to inspire a certain anxiety in those who have traditionally controlled most of Ciudad Guayana's resources. Municipal elections took place during my visit (on August 6th), and voting was clearly taking place along class lines - the middle- and upper-classes tended not to vote at all. However, I do not predict a dramatic shift in the balance of power in the now significantly-sized Ciudad Guayana. Instead, I suspect that Ciudad Guayana's class issues reflect larger trends in Venezuelan society.
    Give our sister Bolivarian a shout-out, and tell her to keep up the good work as she helps shut down the awful RCTV!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Par-tay, Socialismo Or Muerte!! Welcome To Our Cyber Circle!!

This is the homepage for our organization!! We're a Bolivarian Circle, that is, a grass-roots network of young North Americans who support all the great things that Hugo Chavez is doing for the people in Latin America. We're here to spread the word and counter all the terrible lies that the evil Republican corporate media ( not you, Dad!) tells about Comandante Chavez.

As is customary, we named ourselves after an individual exemplifying the Bolivarian Socialist ethos.

These are some of our honorary members and heroes, or as they say in the Bolivarian Republic, our padrinos and madrinas:

EVE GOLINGER!Eve Mazinger! Tooo Cute!!



The New Bolivarian Grrl Americano Boys Love!